Sunday, May 29, 2011

Very appreciative!!!

First things first I have to apologize to Melissa over @ Mame Musing for taking so long to accept this bloggy award! Thanks so much for extending it on to me means a lot!!

She awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! Please click here to read her acceptance post because it is great!! :)

Now I need to share 7 things about boring old me!! :-)

1) I pay into a lottery pool every week at work! Yes, a girl can dream, hope and wish, Right?

2) If I followed all the blogs that I happen upon my google reader would be so overwhelming that I would have major anxiety. There are many out there that I stalk every now and than when I have extra time. ;-)

3) I have been pet free for over 6 months, so I am starting to crave another furry baby! Would love to get a white Persian kitty, but after seeing the price tag I might need to save for a while. Hoping Hubby may surprise me sometime! (Are you reading this Todd)

4) I am getting really nervous about my babies starting summer preschool June 30th! I am so very excited for them to make and play with friends! So excited for them to start learning outside of the house. I am afraid they will fight the different structure hoping they catch on quickly and love going! :-)

5) I sometimes laugh when Molly and Luke start fighting because it is so darn funny seeing the same sibling rivalry in them as I had with mine!! Does that make me a bad mommy?!?!

I hope Melissa won't want to take this back since I am stopping at 5, but I am already running out of time!

I love getting these bloggy awards but hate choosing only a few. I think all the blogs I follow are more than deserving of this award!! :):) Now to pass it on....Below are some blogs that I love and happened upon recently. Enjoy it girls!!

1) Onesie Mommy

2) Our Life Unrehearsed

3) Jennerally Speaking / Actually not too recently, but very excited to be able to finally pass one on to her too! Plus she more than deserves it!

4) From two to Four

5) This Crazy Life / Not too recent either, Amy is a rockstar Mommy!

6) Ella and Zoe

7) Baker Twins


Twingle Mommy said...

I think it's funny when my twins fight too so don't feel bad. There is something so funny about how aggressive they get from time to time.

reanbean said...

They start June 30th!? That's so soon! I hope the transition is nice and easy (for them and for you!).

My guys can't wait to go to preschool, but they don't start until next fall. We'll go to a fundraiser fair at the school next weekend, and that will be their first real introduction to the school community. I'm looking forward to them starting preschool too. I just know they're going to love it so much!

Onesie Mommy said...

Congratulations on the award! You so deserve it!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the award! I just haven't had time to publicly accept it on my blog. I will try to do what I am supposed to on my blog. There are definitely a few blogs that I love to read and am always checking in for their updates. Thanks again. I love reading your blog. Oh and BTW-eventhough the first day of preschool was tough, it was the best thing for Michael! I love watching him go on the bus and I hear from everyone at his preschool that he is all smiles when he gets to school. It will be great for Luke and Molly!

Jeremi said...

you are SO sweet to mention my blog --- as of late i'm always late on posts i want to write ...... and i'm a terrible blogging commenting friend, though i always read : ) thank you !!!!

Jeremi said...

and the start of preschool is so much fun!! the first day i dropped them off i had no idea what to do with myself ..... that was 2 1/2 years ago ..... now that we're on summer break i miss those little breaks where running the store could be quick and easy! :)