Friday, April 29, 2011

Mini Kid Vacation & Me Challenge - Week 17

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This week I took 3 vacation days off of work (major ME time in my book) to take Molly and Luke to the Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park)in Texas. We left home Wednesday morning and got back early this afternoon. It was around a 3 hour drive to and from for us. Not to bad at all. I used that time to catch up on some blog reading (more ME time). We arrived there around noon. The kids were so excited to go swimming, but I doubt they expected it would be that much fun! :) There was this area that was perfect for them. The water at the highest went up to their waist. The first day we followed them around, but the second day we stood on the
sidelines (within 10 feet or so)(there also were 2 lifeguards walking amongst the kids). There were two slides that they went up and down all by themselves. They played with the other kids too. It was a joy to see them turning into preschoolers! Yes, it tugged on my heart, but I am so very excited for them. So I am counting this much needed and fun filled mini-vacation as my ME time this week! You have to excuse these pictures, but they were taken with my phone.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Way Back When-esday - Luke's Homecoming

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The time had come to bring my baby boy home. He came home on April 13th, 2008 after 59 long days in the NICU! He was 2 days shy of his 2 month birthday and was a whopping 4 pounds 7 ounces! He had more then doubled his birth weight of 2 pounds! You can read a little more about his NICU stay here.

Todd and I roomed in with both Molly and Luke that evening. The nurse only came in once to bring Molly's medicine. We had them all to ourselves for the very first time! Crazy! I think we were probably lucky to get a few hours of sleep that night. One of Molly's leads needed to be changed, so it kept coming off. Which meant her alarm went off every 10 minutes! It was pretty miserable! There I thought it was going to be this blissful, heavenly night....boy was I dreaming! The next morning didn't come fast enough for me. I am sure Luke probably thought the opposite, since he was breaking free!! Walking around that room with my baby cordless was delightful! I really was like a kid in a candy store! I was so very super happy and excited to experience my next chapter with motherhood outside the hospital.

Telling Miss Priss I would be back that evening to see her!

Saying goodbye to my precious baby girl that day was very hard! I always kept the hope that I would bring them home together!

First temperature reading and diaper change at home! We still had to keep temperature readings due to him still being under 5 pounds!

Daddy giving Luke his first bottle at home with Uncle Scotty looking on! Todd and I actually stayed in an apartment by the hospital for the first 9 weeks! My brother was nice enough to stay at our house during this time taking care of Wally (my doggy) & Elvis (todd's cat). It was a huge blessing not having to worry about anything at home! Thanks Uncle Scotty, we love you!

Lying (MandyE and Jenner I almost put laying) in his crib for the first time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

We had a marvelous Easter weekend with all our family! The festivities started Saturday afternoon at Nana and Papa's house (Todd's parents). We had a delicious early dinner with all of Todd's side of the family! While we were eating the Easter bunny (AKA cousin Cameron) hid the eggs. This really is the first year Molly and Luke really hunted eggs! They had an absolute ball! They did an awesome job spotting the eggs! They also blew bubbles, smelled flowers and rode their cousin Averie's jeep from when she was little! It was way beyond fun!

Saturday evening Grandpa and Grandma stopped by to give the kids their baskets, but I failed to get my camera out to take pictures! Shame on me! Molly and Luke loved the loot they got from them plus spending some time with them!

Sunday afternoon it was off to Nannie and Granddad's for Easter dinner! Molly and Luke were surprised to find some cute little lawn chairs and more Easter goodies! They were so excited! The Easter bunny (AKA Kayla & Brandon) had to hide the eggs inside because it was raining outside! They still had a ball finding them! Those eggs were very special to have some extra green stuff in them! " A dollar" Luke said! Molly said "5 dollars"! This coming from a little girl that calls my check card dollars!!!

We are so very blessed to have so many loved ones to share the holidays with!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Makes My Monday - Funny Bubba story

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We went over to Nannie and Granddads house today for Easter dinner. Which was wonderful by the way Mom! Thanks again for having us!

Luke is going through a rough patch of picky eating! It frustrates me dearly because he used to be such a great eater. He would at least try anything &/or give it a shot....not so much anymore! Anything that does not look appealing to him is yuck, disgusting or gross. Heaven forbid if it's smell isn't to his liking....he will totally count it out before even trying it!

I guess I was just not taking into consideration that maybe just maybe he had particular, unusual cravings! Or maybe it might not be to unusual to some.....

Pickles and Ice Cream anybody?!?!

Really son? You are the first individual I have seen in person use a pickle as a dipper for their ice cream! :)

Luke giving me this laugh totally made my Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with their love ones! We had a very fun full weekend with family! I will share pictureS as soon as I find the (one of the three) attachment I need to upload pictures! If you were my husband you would tell me that I should put my stuff up...that way the kids wouldn't lose it! Really Todd is that what I need to do??? Thanks honey! ;-)

See if you can figure out this equation......

This Sweet Little Boy



Poor Nannie lost! She had to have 8 stitches. Luke got the scissors and Mom went to grab them....only problem it was the sharp end. I feel so horrible, but she is fine. It could have been so worst.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have you ever seen prettier eggs?!?!

Molly: Oh my Bubby! Mommy has lost her mind! Who would have thought she would say let's go CRAZY and dye some Easter eggs!

Bubby: I know Sissy, I think she totally forgot what we can go in a blink of an eye! I am so confused of what I can and can not do!?!?

Mommy: So very proud of these two! They did awesome! Other then a few finger tasting....That grossed them out because I used vinegar in the dye! :) Hey..they have to learn, right? They didn't break or crack a single one!

ME Challenge -week 16

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I realized there is something I take for granted every week.....blogging! Even though I am not a great blogger I do enjoy the time I put into it! I have made so many bloggy friends! There are so many blogs that I follow and love! It makes me wonder if I ever passed any of you in real life if it would be like a celebrity moment! So very exciting to see you, but too scared to say anything?!?! Not wanting to be that stalker! Just a thought! :) I do want to say thanks to each and every one of you that shares a little bit of your world with me! I enjoy reading it during my ME time everyday!

I will admit I am a little bit of a shoe lover! The love of covering my feet has now been directed to my daughters (Sorry Luke, boy shoes are not as fun) feet! I was reading posts in my google reader the other night and came across these! Are these not the cutest flip flops!! I so had to order a pair or maybe 2 for my Miss Priss! I can't wait to see Molly's feet in them!! So very excited! Thanks Jenny! I wish you the best of luck with your adoption fundraising!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter Holiday weekend! Take care!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Way Back When-esday - So very close!

Linking up with Twinfatuation Way Back When-esday. Thanks Cheryl for letting me play along!

As I mentioned last week I am using Way Back Wednesday posts to share our last 2 weeks in the NICU.

These are pictures that Molly and Luke's primary nurse Amanda took on March 11th (Luke) & March 12th, 2008 (Molly). I am so glad she took these self portraits with my babies! There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't thought about!

As you can see in the below picture my baby boy had finally mastered bottle feeding. No more pump feeding for him! Todd and I were in high gear....knowing we had better be prepared to bring our baby boy home in a matter of days!

I know it is gas or something, but see the cute smile on his face! I am pretty sure Amanda and him partied the nights away!

Sorry these are must have been lights out time! She loved my babies almost as much as we loved her!

Molly too had mastered bottle feeding! She actually was getting the little bit of breast milk I was pumping. Oh, how I hated not being able to supply milk for both. Of course in the very beginning they both got it, but the more they consumed the faster it ran out! First my body failed me on carrying them longer...then it failed me even more by not producing milk. I tried anything and everything, but it just wasn't happening. I know that sounds awful to hear Molly started getting it all, but her belly was more sensitive. Luke never had any issues with digesting, so it was just natural to give it to who needed it more. Luke was taking Simalac Neosure which is a preemie formula. Molly was taking breast milk and supplementing with nestle good start. The high calorie formulas and fortifiers were just too much for her sensitive tummy!

Another sweet smile!

Next Wednesday will be Luke's homecoming post! :)

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makes My Monday - Smiles

Linking up with Twinfatuation! Thanks so much Cheryl for letting me play along!

It totally makes my Monday having seen these 3 great smiles over the weekend! We went to the zoo Saturday for the first time this year! Of course we had to ride the choo choo train for Luke! His face lit up as soon as it came in view! Way too sweet! The weather was beautiful. The high was in the 70's with little wind! Can't wait to go again. There was a baby elephant born a hour before we got there. A baby girl...can't wait to see it. She only weighed 300 pounds! ;-)

I hope you got these great smiles from your love ones too! Hope you have a great week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

ME challenge - week 15

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I am having the same thoughts as All Rolled Into One this week. I am really having a hard time not to repeat posts about things I do weekly. I went to lunch last Friday and today with dear friends at work. I always enjoy this ME time. It is the one time of the week that I can really relax knowing I have only four more hours until my weekend begins.

I also picked up a few more summer tops last weekend! Of course I love retail ME works every time!

This may seem weird, but one I haven't mentioned before. My boss sent me notice that my self evaluation was due for June's round of compensation review and evaluations. My first reaction was utter despair....who likes doing self evaluations?!?! She always gives us a few weeks notice, but I am one that can't sit on it for long. It is one worry that I would rather just be done with. I returned it to her within 24 hours. Once I hit the send button all the other worries started popping in my head....what if's SUCK! You probably really want me to get to the point if all this.....I got a positive reply and that made my evening! It makes the
sacrifices of being a working Mommy all worth it! I had to list my strengths. My very first one was " Very Dedicated - Of course my family comes first, but my career is a very close 2nd. ", so getting a positive reply totally makes what I do worth it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Take Care!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love surprises!

Jenner at Jennerally Speaking was sweet enough to surprise me with this bloggy award! Thanks again Jenner!

Just like other awards I need to share 7 things about myself....

1. My first car was the one and only sports car I ever owned. It was only 3 years younger than me at the time. It was a 1979 Datsun 280zx. It was a 2+2, so I was able to take my friends around. I loved that car!

2. I am an accountant, but the calculator is my very best friend. It better be simple math if you want me to do it in my head! :)

3. The first thing I told Todd after we found out we were having a girl was I couldn't wait to get her ears pierced. It didn't end up happening due to her prematurity and spending her first year in our germ free house bubble! I keep asking her if she wants to go now, but she says no. I think it is because her Daddy told her it would hurt!

4. I have to sleep with fan noise. It can not be silent or I will lay awake for hours! I have to take a small fan with me any time I travel.

5. My parents thought I was going to be a boy. My name was going to be Alexander Paul. Boy was I a surprise.

I am cheating and stopping at 5.....hope you don't mind!

I now get to pass it on to 7 other blogs. I think I am going to copy MandyE when she accepted this award and pass it on to some new blogs I have been lucky enough to find recently.

1) Barbara at My Sweet life (with 2 twinkies and a cupcake)- This month she has dedicated her blog to autism awareness. These posts have been very enlightening to me. Thanks Barbara!

2) Olusola at My Twintopia - She posts about everything and anything pertaining to raising her twin girls! I have enjoyed reading her posts!

3) Christina at Our Life with Multiples - I love reading about her twin girls that are a few weeks younger than mine. Plus I love her blogger profile picture....too sweet!

4) Cheryl at Twinfatuation - I love Cheryl's link up's and posts! If my 2 end up half as good as her 2 I would be proud!

5) Sanders at Just a Dash of Sanders - Mother to adorable twin girls! I enjoy reading about her adventures with her girls.

6) Because I'm the Mommy - Absolutely love reading her Meditation Monday posts! They are great! She also is posting about her daughter being diagnosed with autism for autism awareness month. Her posts are very heartfelt and

Once again cheating and stopping at 6. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!