Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh me, oh my....their spots have been reserved!

I am so very excited to announce Molly and Luke's preschool spot has been reserved for the 2011/12 school year! I was lucky enough to find a place really close to home! Believe me when I say it was a very bitter-sweet moment walking through those doors to preregister them. I am so very happy to give them chance to interact with other children and learn. On the other hand this means my babies are growing up way to fast!!! Of course the good out ways the bad, so I am more excited than not! They actually will go 5 Thursday's this summer to meet other kids and the teachers. I so hope it goes well! What if they don't behave and get kicked out? Is that crazy to already be worried about? I can't wait to see their reactions the first day! The other day at the mall Molly saw this little boy jumping, so she had to start jumping too! I thought it was so sweet and sad at the same time. So sweet to see her interest in playing with other kids, but so sad she really hasn't had much opportunity to do so yet.

How fun will it be to take them school supply shopping for the very first time?!?!? I wonder what kind of lunch box and backpack they will want? I hope they will be as excited as I am!

Molly and Luke have had a little practice carrying backpack in the past. They received this bag full of Dr. Seuss Books for their first Christmas from my brothers, Uncle Brad & Uncle Scott. They still carry this bag everywhere today!

So heavy Luke could barely move! :)

Finally he was able to take off!

Here are a few pictures after they started walking with it.

I know I mentioned before that Luke never was a fan of stuffed animals, but I forgot about his very best friend George. He loved this monkey! Had to sleep with it for months, but one day dropped it like yesterday trash.


Beth said...

Wow! Preschool is such a big step. I'm sure it will kind of break you heart to see them walk off with back packs like big kids, but it will be great for them! They will love it!

Jenner said...

That is awesome! What a great opportunity for them, I am sure they will have a lot of fun. I can't imagine my peapod leaving me for "school" yet!

reanbean said...

My guys can't wait for preschool! They went with me to a few of the schools I visited, so they know they're going and what it will be like. It's hard to explain exactly when they'll start, though. I keep telling them it will be after summer, but I know they don't get what that means. I just hope they'll adjust easily and quickly.

I'm sure Molly and Luke will love it! And that's awesome that they get to go a bit during the summer to ease the transition. How many days will they go?


Danae said...

Oh my. I remember dropping my first off for preschool. She was totally cool with it, but I had to bolt when the tears started coming. How exciting for your kids! And I think those backpack pictures are adorable. :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Congratulations on the preschool! I love the backpack successions! I can't wait to hear what it's like this summer!