Saturday, January 30, 2010

Molly and Luke's Hair

I am trying my best at finding Molly's hair style, but the longer it gets the harder it becomes. I have always had straight hair, so it has became a challenge for me to fix her hair. I think her hair is adorable right after I fix it, but as you know toddlers like to roll around. Then it becomes a fizzy mess. She doesn't like to wear bows in her hair. She instantly pulls them out. I have started putting a little one in her bangs hoping she will get use to it, but it only lasts a little while before it is gone. I use de-fizzier in her hair and it does helps. If anyone has any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Todd and I are trying to find Luke's hair style also. Please leave a comment if you like his
Faux-Hawk hair style?

The Mays household has been very busy! I am in the process of planning Molly and Luke's 2nd Birthday. They are getting into everything or should I say my son is getting into everything. Anytime he starts something and Molly see him do it she has to run over and join in. Today Todd made a child proofing run to the store because they have started opening doors. We have always had the cabinets and drawers child proofed. Luke also started pushing the water dispenser on the refrigerator this week. They both have started dragging things to counters, so they can reach things up high. We are defiantly entering the terrible twos! They are continually adding more words to their vocabulary daily. I think Molly is the front runner on speaking.
She loves to repeat everything we say. I am beginning to notice them trying to put words together. It won't be long. It is so exciting to see them blossom.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Molly's Hair

I wanted everyone to see how long Molly's hair actually is. You can't tell once it drys. It curls up into such tight curls.

Here is my handsome man!

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, but time has flown. Molly and Luke are little busy bodies. They go hundred miles an hour and you better try to keep up. It is amazing how much they learn daily. Everyday they amaze me somehow. Molly loves playing with her kitchen stuff. Luke loves to take everything apart to figure it out. They are talking more and more everyday. We are trying to work on numbers, letters and colors. It is hard to believe they have been apart of my life for almost 2 years. Time has gone way too fast. I wish sometimes I could go back in time to have one last cuddle with my sweet chubby babies. I miss those special times. It makes me want to have another one. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the toddler age. I love being able to communicate with them and they occasionally still let me cuddle with them. Everyday I count my blessings.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Son!!

I knew the day would come, but what do I do now? It doesn't happen all the time or even everyday. But it happens enough to be worried about what if. My son has started removing his pants and diaper. The biggest WHAT IF that keeps coming to mind is - What if he has poop in the diaper he decides to remove. YUCK! My biggest fear is finding Molly and Luke playing with poop. Thank God it hasn't happen yet, but like I said before - what if. Luke has a real sensitive nose. If he smells something that stinks (like the dog farts) he screams YUCK and starts gagging like he is fixing to throw up. So I really don't see him playing with poop, but Molly on the other hand just might. I hate saying that about my little princess, but nothing grosses her out. Say a prayer for the Mays household that Momma doesn't ever have to clean up poop off anything but their perfect little baby bottoms.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cute Puppy Faces

They can always put a smile on my face.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Nannie Story

First let me say - Nannie probably isn't going to like my humor that is associated with this story!

As most of you know Oklahoma has experienced some very cold temperatures the past few days. My Mom watched Molly and Luke yesterday. The low temp yesterday was 9, so very Cold . The wind chills were probably below zero, so my Mom pulled into my garage that morning.

By now you probably have all kind of things running through your mind about what comes next, but I guarantee it not what you think.

Todd and I leave to go to work like normal. I had a meeting with my boss at 8:30. I usually let my Mom know when I have meeting, so if she does need me she will know where I am at. This time I didn't call her before my meeting. When I get back to my office 30-45 minutes later. I first see the message light lit up on my phone and I missed 4 calls. Before I even have a chance to sit down and check my messages the phone is ringing. It is my Mom's cell phone. When she is at my house she always calls me on my house phone, so RED FLAG. I answer and can tell from her voice something is wrong. She has been crying. I ask what's wrong? She says - (now brace yourself) The electricity went out! You probably know at this point I am totally relieved! Since I have been holding my breath this whole time. My silent prayers were calling out please let their be no blood lost. So now I just want to get to the bottom of the story, so I ask her did you call the electric company? Her reply was No, I don't have the number. My response was O.K., so I will call, but what is so upsetting. Here is her response as best as I remember, so if I exaggerate a little it's for your enjoyment.

Nannie - They (Molly and Luke) got horribly upset - As soon as the electricy went off Molly started crying. Molly was like OMG what just happened. My life as I know it is over! What now? There is no television to watch? Luke ran into the wall and hit his head! My reply to this was - Is it that dark in the house? Her reply - When Molly got sooooo upset I turned to get her without knowing Luke was right behind me and knocked him into the wall, so he hit his head. At this point I am really trying not to laugh. I totally know what it is like to have both of them crying at the same time, but when you are not part of the equation you can laugh a little. Right? Nannie - I can't get ahold of Dad. Me - Is the house already getting cold? Nannie - I really can't tell, but my nose and hands are cold. Me - Alright , why don't you pack the kids up and go to your house? Nannie - The car is locked in the garage. Me - You can pop the automatic lock. Nannie - My car seats are at home and like I told you before Dad is not answering his phone. Me - I will take my lunch hour early and take you guys to your house. Nannie - OH Thank you!!! Me - I will be there shortly.

I get them to Nannie's house and return back to work by 11:00. The electric company calls at 11:20 to tell me the electricity is back on!

Oh Nannie - How we love you!!!! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


As I write this tears stream down my face. I have had the last 11 days off with Molly and Luke. Tomorrow I return to work. I wish I could be a stay at home Mom, but financially it is not possible. I am very lucky to have a wonderful work place and coworkers, so that does helps. I am also very lucky that my husband and Mom (Nannie) watch Molly and Luke when I am at work. That also helps a lot. I can call home and they can call me as many times a day as needed. I have had a blast spending the last 24/11 with them. I can't wait to do it again next Christmas!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Go Pokes!!!

Sissy given her Bubba a hug!

Bubba's game face!

Why am I dressed in boys clothes?

Molly and Luke wanted to give a shout out to the cowboys " Go Pokes"!!! Good luck OSU in the cotton bowl today!

(Molly borrowed one of Luke's outfits to wear for the game today)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

My beautiful baby girl! She had the roundest face! Oh how I miss the baby fat rolls!

My baby boy had started crawling middle December, so he was going everywhere fast!

My baby girl had mastered pulling up on everything!

Luke had cut his first 2 teeth like a champ!

This is when they first discovered kitty!

I thought I would make Molly and Luke's New Year Post about how they brought in last year. 2009 was a great year for our family. Our babies turned one in Feb. 09. Luke started crawling in December of 08. Molly started crawling in January of 09. Luke got his first teeth in December 08. Molly didn't get first tooth until April 09. Luke started walking in April 09. Molly started walking in May 09. These were all huge milestones for them. After they were born 12 weeks early my first prayers for them was to live. When they started getting healthier and became feeders and growers in the NICU. My next prayers for them was to get to come home. After we accomplished both of those milestones my next prayers for them was to catch up to their birth age. It took us a while to accomplish this milestone, but I think they did catch up in 2009. My kids are fighters. They are my little hero's. They went through more in the first 2 months of the lifes then most adults do in their entire lifes. I have heard numerous times they are lucky to have Todd and I as parents, but I have to disagree. Todd and I are lucky to have them. They are my everything.

We wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!