Saturday, January 30, 2010

Molly and Luke's Hair

I am trying my best at finding Molly's hair style, but the longer it gets the harder it becomes. I have always had straight hair, so it has became a challenge for me to fix her hair. I think her hair is adorable right after I fix it, but as you know toddlers like to roll around. Then it becomes a fizzy mess. She doesn't like to wear bows in her hair. She instantly pulls them out. I have started putting a little one in her bangs hoping she will get use to it, but it only lasts a little while before it is gone. I use de-fizzier in her hair and it does helps. If anyone has any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Todd and I are trying to find Luke's hair style also. Please leave a comment if you like his
Faux-Hawk hair style?

The Mays household has been very busy! I am in the process of planning Molly and Luke's 2nd Birthday. They are getting into everything or should I say my son is getting into everything. Anytime he starts something and Molly see him do it she has to run over and join in. Today Todd made a child proofing run to the store because they have started opening doors. We have always had the cabinets and drawers child proofed. Luke also started pushing the water dispenser on the refrigerator this week. They both have started dragging things to counters, so they can reach things up high. We are defiantly entering the terrible twos! They are continually adding more words to their vocabulary daily. I think Molly is the front runner on speaking.
She loves to repeat everything we say. I am beginning to notice them trying to put words together. It won't be long. It is so exciting to see them blossom.


Anonymous said...

molly's hair. I'm not sure about her's but i brush my hair in the shower and then just run my fingers through it when i get out that seems to get some of the fuzz out of it and helps keeps the curls together. hope this helps some. let me know if you need anymore help it's taken me 27 years of fighting my curls. love you all!

Anonymous said...

I just now noticed your new border and I Love It. I Love all of you very much...Nannie