Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Nannie Story

First let me say - Nannie probably isn't going to like my humor that is associated with this story!

As most of you know Oklahoma has experienced some very cold temperatures the past few days. My Mom watched Molly and Luke yesterday. The low temp yesterday was 9, so very Cold . The wind chills were probably below zero, so my Mom pulled into my garage that morning.

By now you probably have all kind of things running through your mind about what comes next, but I guarantee it not what you think.

Todd and I leave to go to work like normal. I had a meeting with my boss at 8:30. I usually let my Mom know when I have meeting, so if she does need me she will know where I am at. This time I didn't call her before my meeting. When I get back to my office 30-45 minutes later. I first see the message light lit up on my phone and I missed 4 calls. Before I even have a chance to sit down and check my messages the phone is ringing. It is my Mom's cell phone. When she is at my house she always calls me on my house phone, so RED FLAG. I answer and can tell from her voice something is wrong. She has been crying. I ask what's wrong? She says - (now brace yourself) The electricity went out! You probably know at this point I am totally relieved! Since I have been holding my breath this whole time. My silent prayers were calling out please let their be no blood lost. So now I just want to get to the bottom of the story, so I ask her did you call the electric company? Her reply was No, I don't have the number. My response was O.K., so I will call, but what is so upsetting. Here is her response as best as I remember, so if I exaggerate a little it's for your enjoyment.

Nannie - They (Molly and Luke) got horribly upset - As soon as the electricy went off Molly started crying. Molly was like OMG what just happened. My life as I know it is over! What now? There is no television to watch? Luke ran into the wall and hit his head! My reply to this was - Is it that dark in the house? Her reply - When Molly got sooooo upset I turned to get her without knowing Luke was right behind me and knocked him into the wall, so he hit his head. At this point I am really trying not to laugh. I totally know what it is like to have both of them crying at the same time, but when you are not part of the equation you can laugh a little. Right? Nannie - I can't get ahold of Dad. Me - Is the house already getting cold? Nannie - I really can't tell, but my nose and hands are cold. Me - Alright , why don't you pack the kids up and go to your house? Nannie - The car is locked in the garage. Me - You can pop the automatic lock. Nannie - My car seats are at home and like I told you before Dad is not answering his phone. Me - I will take my lunch hour early and take you guys to your house. Nannie - OH Thank you!!! Me - I will be there shortly.

I get them to Nannie's house and return back to work by 11:00. The electric company calls at 11:20 to tell me the electricity is back on!

Oh Nannie - How we love you!!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love stories like this! I laughed so hard I cried. -B-