Saturday, January 23, 2010

Molly's Hair

I wanted everyone to see how long Molly's hair actually is. You can't tell once it drys. It curls up into such tight curls.

Here is my handsome man!

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, but time has flown. Molly and Luke are little busy bodies. They go hundred miles an hour and you better try to keep up. It is amazing how much they learn daily. Everyday they amaze me somehow. Molly loves playing with her kitchen stuff. Luke loves to take everything apart to figure it out. They are talking more and more everyday. We are trying to work on numbers, letters and colors. It is hard to believe they have been apart of my life for almost 2 years. Time has gone way too fast. I wish sometimes I could go back in time to have one last cuddle with my sweet chubby babies. I miss those special times. It makes me want to have another one. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the toddler age. I love being able to communicate with them and they occasionally still let me cuddle with them. Everyday I count my blessings.

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