Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Son!!

I knew the day would come, but what do I do now? It doesn't happen all the time or even everyday. But it happens enough to be worried about what if. My son has started removing his pants and diaper. The biggest WHAT IF that keeps coming to mind is - What if he has poop in the diaper he decides to remove. YUCK! My biggest fear is finding Molly and Luke playing with poop. Thank God it hasn't happen yet, but like I said before - what if. Luke has a real sensitive nose. If he smells something that stinks (like the dog farts) he screams YUCK and starts gagging like he is fixing to throw up. So I really don't see him playing with poop, but Molly on the other hand just might. I hate saying that about my little princess, but nothing grosses her out. Say a prayer for the Mays household that Momma doesn't ever have to clean up poop off anything but their perfect little baby bottoms.

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