Friday, March 25, 2011

For me??? Yes, you!!! And your welcome too!!!

I received this pretty bloggy award from Jenner at Jennerally Speaking! She is the mother to an adorable 2 year Old girl....better known as Peapod! :) She also is the mother to many furry babies! :) Thank you so much Jenner for sharing this award with me! It made my day and put a smile on my face!

To accept this award I need to first list 5 fun facts about myself....O.K. maybe not fun, but just facts! I am going to list the first 5 things that come to my mind. Here we go....

1) I am obsessed with anything reality! I love reading true stories and watching reality T.V.. My favorite reads are those about people who have triumphed over tragedy (death, prematurity, Heath issues, ect....). My favorite watches are anything with DRAMA! ;-) I don't mind drama as long as it is no where near me IRL.

2) Huge Control Freak!!! Shhhh...don't tell my hubby I admitted to that! I have major anxiety when I feel helpless. I need to know the when, where, why & how at all times! I think this has escalated since having my babies! I am working on it because before long they will be in preschool! I will have no control during those hours! Please GOD keep me sane!

3) I am a neat freak, but have a junk drawer and closet! Those 2 places can be as messy as they please and it doesn't bother me for a second.

4) I am terrified June bugs and spiders! I just got goose bumps typing this! They scare the
brown stuff out of me!!! Can you say YUCK?!?!

5) I have never tried ice skating! Random I know, but it just came to mind! I think that may need to be put on a list to do in my lifetime! :)

Thanks again Jenner! That was fun! I now get to pass it on to 5 other bloggers. Listed below in no particular order!

Amy @ This Crazy Life
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Mandy @ My life as described by Twin
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Sara @ Moms need time outs too!
Renae @ Reanbean on matters of motherhood!

BTW- if you didn't recognize my title from something is it from a song sung on Yo Gabba Gabba.


reanbean said...

I know so many moms who describe themselves as control freaks. I know I am one too and was one long before I had kids. I think I've actually learned to be a little less controlling since the kids were born. But there's still a lot that drives me crazy or makes me anxious when I feel like I can't do something about it.

I love to read memoirs and can't tolerate spiders and any other bug that might like to make a home inside my house. Eeek! I still call T to come and kill them for me. I'ms such a wimp!

Thanks so much for passing along the award. I'm so honored!

Mandy said...

Ok, I'm off to google June bugs. We have just been invaded by stink bugs and I'm DYING!

I seriously believe that being a good mom is bring a control freak. It's just part of the job!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, yay!! You're so sweet!! Thank you so much!!

I've only tried ice-skating once and failed miserably so I don't think I'll be trying again until my kids bug me to do it. :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Thank you so much, Andrea!!! :) :)

I love a good dose of reality here and there, too...but I haven't been watching much lately. I may email you separately to catch me up on one show in particular. HA!

I'm a control freak and a neat freak, too, but like Reanbean said, I've learned to chill out (a little bit!) since the girls were born. Something had to give! :)

I can't deal with bugs very well, either. Even so, if it's something I know is benign - like a beetle - I'll try to capture it in a towel and take it outside. The poor guy certainly didn't mean to end up in our house! :) And I'm trying hard not to pass my squeamish-ness to the girls. Don't know how that will work...HA!

And finally, I have never been ice skating, either. Of course, in Alabama, there weren't many (if any?) ice rinks when I was growing up. But on My List is to skate at Rockefeller Center one day...hmmmm...maybe a little far-fetched, ya think?!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

"Brown stuff?" Hahahahaaaa...

Ice skating is overrated.