Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way Back When-esday

Linking up with Twinfatuation Way Back When-esday. Thanks Cheryl for letting me play along!I really am enjoying going through Molly and Luke's old photos. It brings back so many memories! Thanks for helping me remember to take the time to journey back in time! It makes for very fun times!

I know I just posted pictures of Molly and Luke in their cute puppy dog towels last Wednesday, but I came across these bath photos taken 2 years ago. This is one of my favorite pics of Luke! Have you ever seen a sweeter baby boy?!?!? Alright I know you have because you have sweet babies of your own! Unless you only have girl(s)......then you can say it's the sweetest baby boy you ever seen! lol!

Here is my sweet baby girl! Bless her heart this was before she grew her pretty curls! I used to wonder if she would ever have enough hair for bows! :)


Holly Ann said...

I used to wonder if I'd ever get to put Acacia's hair up too. Now she's got so much that I want cut it! Cute pics today!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

It's official...Luke is the Sweetest Baby Boy in my book, too. And Molly is none other than his Sweetest Twin Sister! :)

I have this goofy little conversation with my girlfriend from time to time. She tells her boys, You're the best 11-year old in the world; and You're the best 8-year old in the world.

Since I can't use the age distinction, I tell the girls, You're the most precious Baby [A] / [B] in the world.

I actually ran across a book in which there are three little bears, and they question if they really are the best bears in the world. Their parents tell them how one is the best brown bear, one the best bear with spots, and one the best littlest bear.

...or I might be giving this too much thought! Nah...not me! Bwahahaha!!! :) :)

Amy said...

These are adorable pictures!

girlytwins said...

So so cute!! I used to wonder of my girls would ever have enough hair for bows too :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Love their bubbly babyness! :) PRECIOUS PRECIOUS, the both of them.

So glad you are playing along regularly, and OF COURSE!!!! Adding you to blogroll NOW!!!!

Thanks for joining in so joyfully, Andrea!

reanbean said...

So cute! And such sweet little faces! Makes me remember back to the days with the bath seats. They worked great for us when we needed them, but I'm so glad they're gone for good now. :o)

Barbara Manatee said...

VERY cute! Thanks for stopping by this week!