Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful Park Day

This video cracks me up. My Mom and I took Molly and Luke to a park to have lunch and play today. Needless to say this slide was a little to big and fast for them. You will have to excuse my annoying laughter in the background, but I promise you would have laughed too.

Luke loves to play on tire swings.

Have you ever seen a Barney at the playground? Me neither...until now. :)

Before they could go down the slide they had to climb up in this rocket. This is Luke saying "Hi Mommy!".

Of course, Sissy had to too!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! I also hope you are getting great weather too!


Holly Ann said...

Oh, man I miss tire swings!! They don't have those at the parks here. :(

That video was absolutely adorable!

Heather said...

Such a cute video! Your kids are adorable and it looks like you had a wonderful Saturday together!

After getting tons of snow yesterday, it's warm enough here that most of the snow has already melted and the sun has been shining. I'm so ready for SPRING!!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That video was too funny! So glad you got out and enjoyed some springtime weather. :) We did, as about 70 here yesterday!!! We headed downtown to enjoy some icecream, and then walked around downtown for about an hour. The girls had a blast, and that sunshine felt GREAT!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Rebecca said...

The Crazies would never go down a slide that big!!! What a bunch of sissies compared to your uber-brave kiddos!

reanbean said...

I am SO jealous! Still waiting for nice weather here and a playground melted enough and dry enough for the kids to play at. I think tomorrow is supposed to be our best day of the week, and hopefully more good days are coming.

That video is too funny. They totally flew down that slide!