Saturday, May 14, 2011

ME Challenge - Week 19

Linking up with the lovely dollimama for this week of the 52 week ME Challenge. Thanks Amber for hosting such a great link up!


Like Amber the whole blogger situation made me a little off. As blogger was restoring lost posts it really made my google reader a mess! I was lucky enough not to lose any posts, but I did lose 3 comments from my last post. No, usually I am not such a freak to know exactly how many comments I have...It is just those 3 comments were made the day of the outage, so I remember them (Jenner, Mandy & Rebecca). I read that they are working on restoring them. Did anyone else lose comments? I love getting comments (they mean a lot to me), so I am not a fan of them disappearing! :(

Now on to my ME time! I had myself some more retail therapy! As everyone knows Kohl's always has the most awesome sales that you can team with a coupon for an additional 15, 20 or 30 % off. Usually the flyers I get in the mail come with an additional 15% off, so those go straight to the trash! I don't give them a second thought. Every now and then I get that prized 30% off! If I team that with their awesome sale that is already 25 to 50 percent off it makes me a little excited! Plus for every 50 you spend you get 10 in Kolh's cash! I got a few pairs of capris and tops! :) I also found a few outfits for Molly and Luke on clearance (60%off)! Yay, pair that with my 30% coupon and I got a great deal!

Great deal = Excited Mommy
Excited Mommy = Happy Daddy

I hope everyone else spent a little time on themselves this past week!


Mandy said...

I'm a sucker for the coupons! And since I know I'm saving so much money, it leads to more shopping!! Glad you treated yourself!! Enjoy the weekend!

Denise said...

I saw you on Multiples and More. I had to start following your blog because I am an identical twin myself. I will enjoy reading posts from a mother of twins. I hope you will follow me too

Holly Ann said...

I lost all my comments on my $30 PayPal giveaway and had to ask people to start over! I was so bummed.
On a better note, congrats on the great deals! Good for you, momma!

Jenner said...

I love getting good deals! My mom is a super shopper so I know that when I go with her, I'll get some awesome discounts. She loves Kohls!!

Onesie Mommy said...

Sale, discount, coupon... three of my favourite words in the English language.