Saturday, February 19, 2011

A week of goodies and fun!

As I mentioned before on Valentines day Molly and Luke helped me make their cupcakes! They had a ball! This is something I really haven't involved them in before....I always dreaded the extra mess I would have to clean up, but after seeing the joy in their eyes it was totally worth it. If you haven't done this with your kids I totally recommend you do it! It was fun.

On their B/D we started a new tradition. All 4 of us had a ball doing that! That evening they opened presents from Mommy and Daddy and the ate the cupcakes they made the night before. They blew out their 3 candles and loved the chocolate icing! Luke about looked like he did on his first birthday! Silly boy!

Thursday evening Todd's parents (Nana & Papa) and Grandma (GG) came over to bring Molly and Luke their B/D presents. Molly wanted to be a butterfly that evening! She is so silly! They got a new craft table and some T.V. OSU lounging chairs! They love them!

btw- a little fun note about Molly. As soon as I started telling her we were having a birthday party she has been asking for a party hat. Well as you see in the above photos I got her a party hat! That makes for a very happy birthday girl!

I can't wait to share the fun we have today! I hope everyone a a fantastic Saturday! I hope it is a sunny one for you! :)


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love the pictures of them having so much fun, especially with you in the kitchen, and then enjoying their cupcakes! :) :)

Hope you have a fantastic party today...can't wait to see more pictures!

Beth said...

Very brave- letting them help, but looks like they had a great time!

Loved the party hat story. For the quads' first b-day, my big boy had just turned four. He insisted we had to have party hats. That was his job at the party-- he handed out party hats to all of the kids. I guess it's just not a party without party hats!

reanbean said...

I LOVE the hats! So cute! And it looks like they had a wonderful birthday. I hope you enjoyed it too!

We just picked out Tiny and Buba's cake mix (I wish I had more baking skills, but I don't) on Thursday. Buba had to have the chocolate cake with the snowman (Pillsbury Doughboy) on it. I hope he won't be too disappointed when he finds out there won't actually be a snowman on his cake.

I hope the party went well! Have a great weekend!

Mandy said...

Oh I love it! The girls love to help in the kitchen now, they are great at loading the dishwasher. I hope Sunday is fun for everyone, can't wait for the pictures!

Rebecca said...

I love Molly's face when she's blowing out the candles!!! Great shots!