Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nannie's Special Day

Since Molly and Luke's birthday falls on Nannie's day off next week she had her own little party with them yesterday! Their 2nd B/D fell on her day last year. I guess she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to do it again! Unfortunately their big day falls at a very busy time of the month at work for me. So I love that she made their actually day last year special! This year Todd and I will have a special party with them that evening after I get home from work.

Granddad came over at lunchtime to bring lunch! Then Nannie topped off the party with some yummy cupcakes!

My niece Kayla and her boyfriend stopped by too! Molly and Luke are so very blessed to have so many people that adore them! They are loved and spoiled by so many!

These 2 pictures were taken today on 2 of the awesome new toys they received! Notice I also put them in red to get in the Valentine spirit! Poor babies almost have to share heart day with their big day!

Their big family/friend bounce house party will be next Saturday the 19th. I know they are going to have a ball! I can't wait to see the excitement and amazement in their eyes!

I walked into their playroom this afternoon and saw this! I am really thinking these 2 do not need anymore toys! This disaster area happened in about 20 minutes! Really!?!?


cburtcher said...

Thanks for the post honey...we had a blast! OOOXXXOOO!!!!!

Holly Ann said...

Wait, so my living room is not supposed to look like that on a daily basis?? ;)

Happy birthday to your beautiful children!!

reanbean said...

How nice that Nannie does that for them (and for you!). Looks like they're all set in the toy department (much like mine). But I'm sure they'll make space for all the new toys to come. :o)