Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Senses

Linking up with the lovely Rebecca from Unexplained X2.

Sight - My poor sick baby boy. He is laying by my side and is pitiful! He actually started getting sick Friday. He made is through his party yesterday before the 103 fever sit in last night. He is doing better this afternoon. Hopefully it stays that way and little miss Molly stays well!

Hear - It seems like all I ever hear is nick jr. Right now bubble guppies is on. Oh wait....I also hear Bubby coughing (poor boy)!

See - Lots and lots of messes! Too tired to care! Just realized I did see instead of feel....Really need sleep! Feel-Luke's feet in my side!!!!

Taste - Diet Mountain dew - I wouldn't be functioning otherwise!

Smell - Nothing, but after reading Rebecca's post I think popcorn smell just may be in the future. Yum!

What are your Sunday Senses? Go link up now!


Mandy said...

Awww, sick babes is no good. I'm glad he got through his party though. I'm often amazed how the girls don't seem to share colds yet every time I sit waiting for the other to get sick!

Rebecca said...

Oh...sick babies suck...wassup with that? Hope everyone feels better soon!

Thanks for playing along!

Holly Ann said...

If you'd like to accept it, I sent you an award! Come over to my site and check it out! :)

reanbean said...

So sorry to hear that Luke is sick. Hopefully he was well enough to enjoy the party. I hope he feels better soon and that no one else catches whatever it is that he has.