Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Sweetheart Day!

The below picture was taken on Valentine's day 2009. I know they aren't dressed very valentine like, but don't they still look cute?!?!

The two below pics were taken on Valentine's day 2010. Molly got some princess shoes from her valentine. Both Luke and Molly were trying them out for the first time. Daddy still hates this picture of Luke! I thinks it's cute and it's the price Luke will pay for having a twin sister when all these pictures come out for girlfriends years from now!

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day! I think we will celebrate by baking Molly and Luke's Birthday cake today for tomorrow nights party! Yea!


Emily said...

i could just eat them up! oh yes, the price luke will pay with having a sister and a twin at that. those will be some pictures for the slide show during a birthday party or even wedding! ha

hope y'all are thawing out now! we are enjoying our wonderful weather!

Rebecca said...

Cute pictures!!!! Love them!