Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Luke wasn't a fan of riding the elephant. Maybe he wanted to be in the driver seat?

Molly loved the giraffes. There was a baby that was born in January. So cute!
Luke loved the train ride. He thought he was riding Thomas the train, so he got a little upset when the ride was over. Poor baby!
Molly enjoyed it too! She just wanted to climb every where. This is her giving me the look of "Yes I can Mommy!".
Todd had to work this past Saturday, so Nannie joined me in taking the kids to the Zoo. The weather in OK has been beautiful, so I wanted to take advantage. The animals were all out in full view. We had a good time. I can't wait to take them Trick or Treating at Haunt the Zoo. I think this year will be so much fun since they are older.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney On Ice

Bubby checking out his souvenir.
Luke enjoying some $10.00 popcorn! Molly checking out her souvenir.
A cute picture of Nannie and Luke. Here in a minute you will get why she is smiling so big. This picture really describes our whole experience.

Introduction performance.
We had pretty good seats. The kids had a full view of the stage.
Todd and I decided the kids were old enough to take them this year to see Mickey Mouse at the OK State Fair. They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel, so we thought they would really enjoy the show. By the time we decided to get the tickets the day time shows were sold out. We ended up with the 7:30 p.m. showtime ($114.00). I will know next year to buy the tickets ASAP. Todd ended up having to work at the fire station, so I asked Nannie to join us. This is probably awful to admit, but both Nannie and I are really bad with directions. We have always relied on other people to get us where we needed to go. We decided we better leave early to make sure we allowed time for traffic and parking. We arrived to the show 1 hour early (in the twins time this really means 3 hours early). As you can tell in the above one is around us! I got them popcorn and the toys ($74.00 worth mind you) hoping this would entertain them for a hour. Luke did awesome for the first 30 minutes. Molly did alright too, but couldn't hold still. The next 30 minutes before the show started is really a blur. Molly had a few high pitch streaming tantrums. Luke was trying to run up and down the stairs. (that is the picture of Nanny and Luke above...she was trying to control him) I already knew it was going to be hard for them due to the time. Molly and Luke go down for bedtime between 8 and 8:30. I was up for the challenge since I knew they would love this show. Let's just say by the time the show started Nannie and I were ready for bed. We just kept thinking when the lights go out they will settled down and enjoy the show. So we hoped. The show started right on time. They both got really excited....Nannie turned and looked at me with such relieve in her eyes and smiled. I smiled back knowing they had fooled her. I knew we had 30 minutes at best. I guess I must know my kids all to well. We were walking out of the show at 8:00. Molly and Luke fell asleep as soon as they were placed in their car seat. The drive home was spent with Nannie and I trying to figure out where we went wrong. We decided it was a combination of things. Getting there early, bed time and a new experience for them. I don't regret going because they have to get used to experiencing new adventures. Let's just hope next time is a lot better.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun at Nannie and Granddad's house

The first place Luke goes when he gets to Nannie's and Granddad house is the cabinet with all the old toys left over from mine and my siblings childhood. Mostly the toys are from my brothers, so maybe that is why he enjoys them so much.
Yes, the whole cabinet is full of all kinds of odds and ends. He pulls out the first basket and has it emptied in no time. Hardly even stopping to see what he it taking out to throw on the floor.

Sister seems to always find this flute that makes the most beautiful music. NOT! Granddad keeps telling me that we need to bring it to our house for her to practice. Sorry Granddad that will not be happening. That is why we come to your house, so they can play with things just like this.
Luke lines up all the cars only to scatter them a minute later. He started using a play broom to play hockey with them.

Molly took this time to play in the pool one last time before fall. This girl loves the water. I knew Luke wouldn't like on this day because it was only in the low 80's. He is not a fan of being cold. Molly on the other hand just played until her body adjusted.

It's cold Momma!!!!

Starting to feel a little better.
O.K. all is good. Let's play.
Thanks Nannie and Granddad for a day of fun and good food. We love you both very much!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out with the old - In with the new

Molly has pretty much mastered using a fork and spoon.
Luke uses his fork to pick up the food, but still uses his fingers probably 50% of the time. I think alot of the reason is that he doesn't want to slow down long enough to master the skill. This kid is all boy.
Todd and I finally decided to make the change from highchairs to booster seats. I really thought it was going to be harder than it was, but they have done really well.
(please excuse the missed up blinds in the back ground and the missing curtain...I am sure there is no need for explanations)
Molly and Luke's new favorite breakfast.....Dannon Danimals!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweetest Picture Ever

As I posted last month - We went to my Aunt Nancy's granddaughter Sandy's baby shower (my 2nd cousin). Kathy the Mom of Sandy's friend Jenny took this picture of Molly. I am so glad Sandy forwarded this on to my Aunt Nancy. I have already saved it as my screen saver on my work computer and my cell phone.

Kathy if you see this - Thank you so much for taking such a sweet picture of my baby girl!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fish Fun!

Quick picture before going into the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK.
A picture inside the stark tank. It was already freaking Molly out! Luke was just chilling chewing on his stick.
Luke : Wow.....Nannie don't look now, but there is a huge stark behind you.

This tank had some pretty cool fish in it.
Here they are ready to go. It wore them out.

Nannie and I took the kids to the aquarium this past Saturday. First time for any of us to go. It was pretty fun. I think the kids would have had a better time if they weren't in their strollers, but it was way to crowded to let them run around. I didn't want to loose control of them. Once they get a little is all over. I think maybe next summer they will enjoy it a lot more.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Like normal....Luke wanted nothing to do with taking pictures.
Molly on the other hand cheesed it up.
It is becoming a challenge to get a picture with both of them together. This is the best I could do.
Happy Birthday Daddy/Todd. We hope you have a great one. We love you very much! Thanks for all you do for us.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wally - My furry baby

Todd and I were married March 1997 and Wally become the 3rd member of our family in Sept. 1997. He was a present for Todd's birthday that year. The only thing is Wally stole my heart. He was my baby. This morning we had to say goodbye. He died in his sleep last night. He was 13 years old on July 13th. I will miss him so much. I am feeling a lot of guilt. Since having the twins the time I spent with him was limited. His death was unexpected, so I feel like I never told him goodbye.
Thank you sweet Wally for all the joy you brought me. You will forever be in my heart. I love you sweet boy!
RIP- Sir Walter 7th -1997 to 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on Molly

Thanks to everyone that said a prayer for little Miss Molly! She did awesome this morning! Of course it was hard until she fell asleep with the gas, but the doctor said her vitals and lungs sounded good! The dentist was able to get x-rays, clean and fill a cavity. Yes, you read that little sweet princess had a cavity. I feel bad as a mother, but I want to go on the record as saying Todd and I do brush their teeth. I promise! We will try to do a better job from now on. I just wish they didn't fight us so bad. What happened to the days they let us brush their teeth!?!?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Fears

Call me silly or whatever you want...I am having major anxiety about Molly's appointment tomorrow. This is the first time that either of them have had to be put under with IV drugs. All of the worst case situations keep coming to my mind. All these what ifs!?!?What if she is allergic? What if it becomes an emergency situation and we are at a dentist office. Please GOD help me mentally get through the next 15 hours. Please GOD keep my precious baby girl safe.