Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun at Nannie and Granddad's house

The first place Luke goes when he gets to Nannie's and Granddad house is the cabinet with all the old toys left over from mine and my siblings childhood. Mostly the toys are from my brothers, so maybe that is why he enjoys them so much.
Yes, the whole cabinet is full of all kinds of odds and ends. He pulls out the first basket and has it emptied in no time. Hardly even stopping to see what he it taking out to throw on the floor.

Sister seems to always find this flute that makes the most beautiful music. NOT! Granddad keeps telling me that we need to bring it to our house for her to practice. Sorry Granddad that will not be happening. That is why we come to your house, so they can play with things just like this.
Luke lines up all the cars only to scatter them a minute later. He started using a play broom to play hockey with them.

Molly took this time to play in the pool one last time before fall. This girl loves the water. I knew Luke wouldn't like on this day because it was only in the low 80's. He is not a fan of being cold. Molly on the other hand just played until her body adjusted.

It's cold Momma!!!!

Starting to feel a little better.
O.K. all is good. Let's play.
Thanks Nannie and Granddad for a day of fun and good food. We love you both very much!


RC and Mommy said...

they are too adorable. i happen to pass by your blog, i hope you don't mind me commenting

MultipleMum said...

They are divine! It is funny how they have a little 'routine' at their grandparents, isn't it? My kids are the same. It usually involves banging pots and pans and junk food and TV!

Those cars are certainly well lined-up aren't they! None of my children have ever done that -knowing me and my lack of order it doesn't surprise me at all!

Emily said...

they are so cute and adorable. i love how they immediately get out their toys and start to play. i always did the same thing when i went to my grandparents house!

definitely check out the tea room inspirations. the food is absolutely wonderful!