Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer dandelion fun

I remember picking the pretty yellow flowers that grew all over our yard for my mom, but my favorite thing to do with dandelions was blow on the seeded clock. That white "pompom" filled my summer with fun. I was so particular to search out the perfect ones. Only the perfect ones would do. Thoses were the ones that I made childhood wishes on before I tried to blow every piece from the stem in one blow!

I also remember not understanding why my dad worked so hard to get rid of these "weeds" as he called them.

We were at Nana and Papa's yesterday when Molly and Luke found these and were blowing up a storm to get every piece off the stem. They are very serious during each and every attempt. Every piece has to be blown off before they drop the empty stem.

Then Luke saw this tree that he wanted to climb, but being the overprotective mommy I am. I placed him on the tree to sit until his heart was content.

Of course Miss Priss had to try it out too! I don't think she liked it as much..the bark was a little rough for her sensitive legs! That's my girl!!

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Have a great Sunday!


reanbean said...

My guys are all about the dandelions too. Last summer they loved blowing all the white fluff off, but I'm not sure they'll have many chances to do that this year, because they can't help but pick all the yellow ones!

Holly Ann said...

I always thought the same thing when my dad was hell-bent on getting those "weeds" out of the yard. I loved them!

Beth said...

Isn't it funny? I knew I was officially 'old' when I started getting upset about dandelions in our yard and working to get rid of them!
Mine love picking them and I just showed them how to blow the seeds. Rod was not happy that I passed down this trick, but it is so sweet to watch!

Miss Megan said...

Ah, the dandelions! Great fun!! I agree with Beth - you know you are old when you start caring about the dandelions in the yard and trying to kill them. LOL! Glad the kids had a good time blowing the white fluffy seeds off!! =)

championm2000 said...

Isn't it like a child to see the flower through the weeds? I love it!

Danae said...

Blowing the dandylion fluff is magical for any kid. I showed my kids how to do this. Eventually the phase will pass, and we will have a grass-ier backyard someday!