Friday, June 3, 2011

ME challenge - Week 22

Linking up with the lovely dollimama for the 52 week challenge!


I actually had to really sit back and think of what I did for myself this week. But once I started thinking I thought of a few things. I sometimes take for granted the small things. That is why I love the concept behind this is easy to list the big & obvious things, but it makes me appreciate the small stuff too! So here they are:

1) I ordered and received a new iPad cover. Actually should really call it a Luke cover. I have an otter box cover for my iPhone, so I ordered the same for my iPad. Makes me feel I more comfortable seeing him carrying it over the tile! ;-)

2) I ordered and received 2 tank tops. Both are black...I have to wear tanks under all my shirts. Not sure how I started this habit, but I feel naked without them. Very strange, I know! :)

3) I was craving ice cream, so I got myself some. I have no shame!

I hope you all found time for yourself too!

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penguinsandladybugs said...

All good things. I enjoy a tank underneath as well....surprisingly helps in the summer, I think!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I felt like I really had to "dig" this week, too. It's not that it was a bad was actually an awesome one! I was just really family-focused, and had my head wrapped around kicking off the summer by doing fun things with the girls. Hubby and I did really enjoy our coffee time together, but I usually think about the "me" challenge as something I premeditate as doing *just* for me.

I agree, though, that one of the awesome things about the challenge is looking for the little things, and not taking them for granted.

And I had to laugh about you Luke-proofing your devices! :)

Holly Ann said...

I got ice cream today too! Woot! Yay for us. :)

Johanna said...

I always wear tanks under my clothes too... especially the built in bra ones. :) Makes my pre-baby sundresses less scandalous.

Brittany said...

Haha I feel the same way about tank tops, I have to wear one. I love tank tops from Buckle cause they're extra long! BTW I'm a tad jealous that you have an iPad....drool :)

Onesie Mommy said...

You have an iPad?!?!? This is me turning green right now. I am in love with Apple and their products. I so wish I had an iPad!! I honestly don't know what I would do with it but want one just the same! Please post a photo of those covers!

Ice cream is ALWAYS a treat!

Okay, girlie... just between you and me... what's this big announcement? I've begged for a hint from dollimama and Mandy but nothing. I can count on you to spill the beans, right?! Email me... {wink} LOL

reanbean said...

I feel like I only participate in the Me Challenge link-up when I've done something big for myself. But, you're right- there are probably little things every week that could just as easily count. I'll try to remember that the next time I think I don't have anything to write about.

Ice cream is always nice, especially if you haven't had it in a while. I had my first ice cream of the summer (yes, I know that technically it's still spring) this past week and it was heavenly. What's your flavor of choice?

Dolli-Mama said...

It all sounds awesome! I love my iphone otterbox cover. It has saved my iphone so many times.

Olusola said...

you must be my fashion twin. I wear a tank under everything I wear to the office, but I have grey, navy blue and brown