Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cowboy Up & A Dear Daddy

Todd and I have noticed lately Luke using anything that is shaped like a cowboy gun as a cowboy gun. Making the sound and all. I am assuming this must just be a boy trait that they are born with because he has never watched anything about cowboys, nor played with others boys that would be playing cowboys?!?! Strange, really?!?! Daddy decided to buy the poor boy a "real" toy cowboy holster gun set. I have never been a fan of toy guns, but I figured if he was using his toy saw as a cowboy gun what harm can be done with an orange toy gun. Well that's what I am telling myself anyways!

Molly thought maybe Daddy might go out and buy her this cute, sweet house if she asked really nicely.

Dear Daddy, pretty please with a cherry on top can you buy me this little house. Love, Molly


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have heard from other moms of boys that they will make a gun out of anything...a hairbrush, plastic does seem to almost be innate!

And I think Molly should definitely get the house if Luke got a new toy! :)

Holly Ann said...

It really does seem to be something the boys are just born with! My son makes them out of his magnetic blocks! It was really funny the first time he did it because he didn't know what to call it (like you, we chose not to expose him to guns/gun play to the best of our ability). So when I asked him what it was he said, "When I point this and push the button it makes you disappear!" I couldn't help but chuckle.

I hope Molly gets her little house! It's too cute!

Johanna said...

Daddies can't say no to their little girls. Just tell her to look up at him with her big, pretty eyes and ask. That house is as good as hers. :)

Branden & Kayla said...

What about Woody on Toy Story!??? Luke loved/loves that movie, atleast he isn't running around with a fish bowl on his head trying to be Buzz lol :-D

Emily said...

Sounds like all boy to me and he is pretty darn cute sporting his guns and holster! hope y'all have a great week and are doing well...btw, love the new blog look (i might be late on this, but i've been a slacker lately too ;) )

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

It's amazing what Matt will turn into a weapon and we don't have any weapons in the house! It's innate.

Every time we go to BJ's, the Crazies beg to see the house...we're not getting one until our next house, but's cute!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

My husband also feels like guns are not a "good" toy to have. (He thinks they made him have a facination of all things "weapons"...LOL! I personally think that's just part of who he is!) I guess we will see where we stand when that issue comes up! :)
Personally, I hope they love to "play house"...that's one S-W-E-E-T little house!

championm2000 said...

Luke gets guns; Molly should get the cute house :-)

Beth said...

I could have written this exact same post a couple of years ago! Will somehow developed a fascination with cowboys around 3 or 4. We got him a cowboy costume (which he was still running around in just last week) and bought him what looks like the same holster and cap guns. He was making everything a gun anyway and I figured if he is going to play with guns, at least he is a sheriff putting away 'bad guys.' It could be much worse-- they could be gangsters or something :)

Love Molly's house. She already has quite an eye!