Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silly Boy!

Peek a boo! Luke has started his own game the past 2 weeks of pulling all of Mom's pillows off her bed. He then piles them up to jump on & hide from Sissy!

He does this several times a day! He loves it, so he thinks we are pretty mean when he has to put the pillows up.

So my bed looks like this a lot of the time.

Little fun note about Molly: This morning I gave her a kiss bye.....I guess since the air is so dry I shocked her with static electricity. She looked at me with her little frown and said your lips are hot! I tried to get another kiss and she wouldn't give me one. I hope she forgets by the time I get home tonight....I want my welcome home kiss!

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reanbean said...

We're having some static electricity issues here as well. Fortunately, I've explained what's going on, and my guys don't seem to take it personally. Hopefully Molly had forgotten the shock by the time you'd gotten home. Kisses and hugs are so important when Mama's been away! :o)