Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am curious if anyone has made their blog into a book? I was/&am the world's worst at keeping a baby book. I didn't start this blog until Molly and Luke were 18 months, but still figure it would be something they would cherish one day. I was thinking of having two made after their 3rd birthday. If you have any insight....please share! Or if you have an opinion one way or another I would love to hear it. Thanks for your time and thoughts. Have a great rest of the week! Oklahoma is supposed to get a winter mix tonight, so I am not looking forward to my commute to work in the morning. Snow seems to bring all the crazies out on the road. Plus everyone and their dog decide to go grocery shopping just as soon as it starts. Craziness!

On a second note Molly and Luke did get snow suits (sleds too) for Christmas from Todd's parents, so they are prepared for a play in the white stuff! :)

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Emily said...

i've been working on ec's first year on you upload the blog and choose what posts you want to upload which is why i like it. i'm having to make some modifications, but all in all i'm happy with it so far. i cannot wait to get it done and sent to print...sounds like a real book! ha

on another over this winter weather, we had around 4 inches last week and now i'm in winchester, va and they are supposed to get winter weather on friday when i'm supposed to be heading back to dulles to fly home...geez!!!!