Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

This year I decided to attempt our Christmas Cards by myself. For the past 2 years Bryan Kannowski ( (Amanda's (NICU nurse) husband) has made them for me. He has always done the twins professional pictures & has done an awesome job. They just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their life's this year. I hate to take away any must have family time from them this month. It will be their first Christmas as a family of 3! :) Amanda just returned to work a few weeks ago, so I know how their time together is precious. What gave me the idea to attempt this project alone was reading every one's blog posts about Shutterfly's promotion of 50 free cards for bloggers. You can't beat that deal! How awesome it that? I will try my creative skills out. Wish me luck. It is a very hard job trying to get good pictures of very active almost 3 years old. Please go check out all of Shutterfly's ( seasonal deals. I love the photo books you can put together. What a great Christmas gift that would make for Grandparents! I will post again soon on which card we decide to go with. Have a great weekend!

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