Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy, Busy and Oh did I say busy

I have been extremely busy this past week and I don't see next week being much slower. I do feel like I can relax on the Christmas front. I am pretty much done with shopping. I still need to go by my bank to get some Visa cards for the hard to buy individuals in my family, but other then that I am done. I received my Christmas Cards in the mail last week, so I got them addressed/stamped ready to put in the mail. I ended up not doing the Shutterfly free 50, but did get $25.00 for sharing my finished card on my blog. I think I will use that for the kids 3rd Birthday invite cards. I already have one picked out. I just need to figure out where to have their party. I can't believe my babies are turning 3 in 2 months! It makes me want another baby. Oops did I say that out loud? That is a whole other topic and post. This next week is my crazy busy week at work. I hope to get most of my wrapping done today. That would probably ease my nerves a little bit. Molly and Luke are doing great. Nothing really to report new. They are so into Christmas this year. It is a lot of fun hearing their delight in seeing the Christmas lights. They both tell us every color they see. They really don't get the concept of Santa bringing them a gift. Every time I ask Molly what she wants from Santa Clause she says " I don't want it". I guess I better enjoy that while it lasts....I am sure next year the list will be never ending. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Please keep in mind the real meaning of this season!

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I love the one of the little boy in the fireman uniform! That one is precious!