Friday, July 15, 2011

Random...yes, I know!

I decided to post some randomness just so you would know all is well in the Mays Household. It has been awhile since I have went 5 days between posts, but it was another CRAZY week at work! I have kept up with my blog reading, but I can't say the same about comment making. I have tried, really I have. Maybe it is this heat wave that has planted itself over OK. I am so tired of the 100+ degree weather!! Is it fall yet?!?! Seems I am never satisfied, either it is too cold or dang too hot! Why can't the happy medium days stick around longer? It could stay in the 60's & 70's year around and not hurt my feeling one bit!

These first pictures are of the new trick my son likes to play! It gets real old really fast. By the third time of pulling the car over...well there really is no need for explanations. I am sure you know what kind of frustration I would be feeling by that time. Any advise? I think we have tried it all, but who knows? We always pull over immediately, so please no harsh judgement. I really think he likes the thrill of the chase. That little head of his is probably seeing how long it takes us to get him back in his seat! Oh how I love him, but he is all boy!! It is non-stop from morning until night! I so wish I could bottle his energy...I would be a millionaire, plus feel so much better! Ha!

These next 2 are of little Miss Priss being goofy. She played with this luggage forever! She kept asking to be pulled around. It was pretty humorous!

Can you believe I had a lady ask me if Molly's hair was natural?!?! I really wanted to say " heck no, this is her 3rd perm that I made her get for my own satisfaction"! For goodness sakes she is 3!!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


Beth said...

oh no! When Will was about Luke's age, he undid his carseat once while we were driving on the interstate. I glanced back and saw him sitting on the floor of the backseat. I completely freaked out. I screamed, then yelled for him to stay on the floor until I could pull over. I (unintentionally) managed to freak him out as well. By the time I pulled over he was in tears. He has never done it since. I wish I had some advice for you. I hope this phase passes quickly!

I once had a lady ask me how long it took me to curl the girls' hair. Seriously?!?!

I'm right there with you. Summer has kept me crazy busy. I keep hoping things will settle down some, but no sign of slowing yet!

Keep enjoying your summer and those adorable kids!

Holly Ann said...

Luke seems an awful lot like Ky! I completely empathize, but since I am also at my wits end, I don't have much in the way of advice. Sorry!

Johanna said...

I love that he is going bonkers and Molly looks like she's asleep! Too cute.

And sorry - no advice. I didn't know kids could get out of those things... I have a hard time getting the girls out sometimes! :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Hi Andrea!!

I missed you! Sounds like you are super busy...and HOT! Yuck...I hate the heat and that's why I live in never gets hot least not in Alberta!

That little "gamer"..your son! That would stress me out for sure. I bought these things that you can "lock" the seat belts on for that very reason...never used them yet because THAT game is a little out of my kids developmental least right now. :) To be honest I kinda thought I was being "silly" but your post has me feeling not SO silly anymore...they are in my van if you'd like me to give you the info???

I love that your daughter plays in the luggage...maybe she will be a world traveller someday???

Have a wonderful weekend and so happy to get an update!


Sherrick13 said...

Luke is too funny. and so cute. Molly looks like she is having fun with the luggage.

penguinsandladybugs said...

It's amazing what perfect strangers feel they have the right to say or ask!!!

I, too, am a little tired of the 100 degree heat!

reanbean said...

Oh no! Naughtiness in the car is never a good thing. Tiny has played around with her car seat buckles a few times, and I've threatened to leave her at home if she doesn't stay buckled in. I haven't had to follow through the that threat yet, but I'm prepared to do it if I have to. I figure, I'll leave her home with T and take Buba off to do something really fun that she won't like being left out of. For her, it would only take once (but she is not all boy).

I hope you find a solution soon!