Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makes my Monday - Sweet boy and pretty toes!

Linking up with Twinfatuation! Thanks so much Cheryl for letting me play along!

Anytime I can get my baby boy to lay and cuddle with me I take full advantage! We snuggled and said the ABC's together twice. Yes, you read that right...bub was still for longer than 5 minutes!! I so loved it!! I miss it already!! He is the sweetest boy! Please excuse the no makeup picture...

The special thing I did with sis was paint her finger and toe nails. I let her pick out what color she wanted the other day at the store. Of course she picked out hot pink first, but I reminded her that she already had that color at home. She then picked blue. I think she picked blue because of bubba. I usually always buy things in blue and pink, so I think she thought that would have to be the second choice. I tried showing her purple, but she insisted on blue.

These 2 things totally Make my Monday!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Cuddles and blue nail polish...doesn't get any better than that!

Have a great week!


Cheryl Lage said...

That's no makeup?!?! THAT would Make My Monday, too! :)

Cuddles, cute nails...also winners! :)

Thanks so much for playing along with Makes My Monday, Andrea!

reanbean said...

Very sweet cuddle photo! I have a hard time getting cuddles from Buba. He just wriggles and squirms and wants to get moving again. So, I just take whatever I can get. Tiny, on the other hand, seems to want to hang on me all day. No happy medium in this house. :o)

championm2000 said...

I love that you had some special time with each of them!

Hope you have a great week!