Monday, August 30, 2010

Piggy Tails (1st time)

Look at my big girl in pig tails. I love it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Randomness from this week

There really are no words to describe these pictures .....that I haven't already said before. All I know..... there is no deigning this girl deserves a Princess Crown. These pictures fit her to the capital "T".
Molly has recently started to sing to us. Here are a few pictures of her singing itsy bitsy spider. She still is too shy to sing to anyone other than Mommy and Daddy.

Here are a few pictures of Luke. The first one I feel pretty lucky to have gotten. He never lets me take a picture of him anymore. The 2nd shows his true feeling of me bugging me. He is saying "NO MOMMY".

Todd and I took Molly and Luke to their 1st dentist appointment last Tuesday. Can we say NIGHTMARE. Daddy had Luke and I had Molly. Luke actually did pretty well. He only really threw a small fit when the dentist looked at his teeth. They got good x-rays. The dental assistant was able to brush and clean his teeth. I am happy to announce he has no cavities! Go Luke! :) These 2 pictures are from Todd's cell phone. so they aren't too good. Look at my big boy!

Here is where the nightmare begins. It took 4 people to hold Molly down to get x-rays. Yes, I had to be one of those lucky people. It broke my heart, but I knew she wasn't being hurt and that it had to be done. She was screaming, crying and kicking the entire 3 minutes. It felt like so much longer. Then the x-ray's didn't even turn out. Of course after that scene the dental assistant didn't even try to to clean her teeth. The dentist tried to look at her teeth, but that didn't go over so well. Needless to say we have an appointment this coming Thursday to have her put under, so the dentist can take x-ray's, thoroughly clean and make any necessary treatments. They assured me she won't remember a thing. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. As a NICU parent it is going to be extremely hard on me to put her under sedation. It was little different when Luke was put under for his cat scan. He was only put under with gas. Molly will go under general anesthesia, so she will have an IV. They did tell me she will first go under with gas and I can hold her as she goes to sleep. She will be fine!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser. Luke has started hoarding his crayons. We think we have all the crayons picked up after their craft time, but we are wrong. This little man has been hiding them for future use. He will come up with one out of the blue. Then we all know what happens or in Luke own words " It's a Mess". Whenever he comes running saying that phase both Todd and I know he has left a us present somewhere. At least he doesn't try to hide it. He is always the first to tell on himself. :)

Update: Todd saw this post and thought it was strange that I took the time to grab the camera for these pictures. I said come on Daddy all toddlers do it! This is just documentation that mine aren't any different! He still didn't understand. Oh well sometimes Mommy's do stuff differently then Daddy's.

Fun in the Tub

Hey Mr. Ducky, What do you have under your hat?
Hey Mommy......Look at me! I am using the (way too many) bath toys a pillow!
I know I know mentioned this before.......Molly and Luke love bath time. They could literally spend hours in there if we would let them. They try swimming by pushing the other out of the way. They try and sneak drinks of the dirty bath water. By dirty I am sure you know what I mean......You and I both know they could have potentially (probably) took a pee in the water. YUCK! Just thinking about that gives me chills.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We both wore yellow

It doesn't look like they like it!?!?!

I think I can honestly say I have never put the same color on my kids at the same time. I really didn't do it on purpose this just happened. I think they look pretty darn cute. Mommy's little rays of sunshine. OK.....maybe I took it to far! ;)

Tea Time

Molly and Luke were so good today at Sandy's baby shower we stopped to get them a toy. Molly picked out this Disney princess tea set. They both enjoyed playing with it! It kept them still for about 15 minutes. That might not sound like a long time, but anyone with 2 toddlers know how excited it made me.

Good-Bye Baby Toys

This is Molly and Luke playing with their jungle gym toy at 13 months. They both learned to pull up on this toy, so it will always have special memories for me. They got it for a present on their 1st Christmas from their Nannie and Granddad. (It also doubled as a barrier between the kitchen in the living room.)
This is them today playing with the toy for one last time. :(

They actually haven't seen or played with it for about a year. It has been stored in an extra closet until this morning. I told them to say good-bye to the elephant, monkey and hippo that Mommy found a better home for it to reside. My second cousin Sandy is having a baby soon, so it will stay in the family.
Good-Bye milestone maker! You will always be in our hearts. We hope my 3rd cousin and the twins 4th cousin enjoys you as much as we did.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Happenings

Mental Note - We need to child proof the refrigerator doors! Daddy went to the little boys room today only to come out to find a sweet & slippery surprise!

He called me at work to have me guess what he was currently cleaning up. Of course so many things popped in my head. My first thought was poop! (I am sure all of you remember Luke's poop story.) I was thinking to myself...oh please tell me he didn't smear poop on my walls! Nope, this was an entirely different situation. He had opened the refrigerator door and out of all things he could have grabbed he picked the carton of eggs. He then proceeded to egg his Mother's kitchen! Molly didn't want to miss out on the fun, so she decided to grab the carton of strawberries. She thought it would be fun to smash them with her feet. Sure, it could have been worse. I could have had to be the one to clean it up! To bad I was at work. ;-)

This is totally on a different subject, but still wanted to share. Poor Luke fell and hit his mouth on my bed rail tonight. It started bleeding right away. Totally freaked Mommy out! Bless his heart! (He is my accident waiting to happen child.) He was very upset. He got both lips and his gum. Of course I holler for Todd because Mom can't cope with blood. By this time Molly is beside herself because her Bubby is hurt and crying. She just kept patting the top of his head asking him "Are you O.K.?". Then she said "Do you want me to kiss it". She kissed his knee and asked him "Does that feel better". Of course it wasn't spoken plain as day, but she did a pretty good job. She was repeating everything she heard me say! The whole time Luke was screaming "No Sissy". You have to love sibling love!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 months old

Pretty pony tail.

Playing with Uncle Brad and Uncle Scott's old cars.

Lounging in the pool.

He had to bring the cars to the pool.

Six months from today my babies will turn 3. Why does the time have to go so fast? My baby girl is turning into my little princess. She is very strong willed. She knows what she wants and what to do to get it. Todd tells me almost every day that Molly is going to give me a run for my money. Meaning she will try and run all over me. I tell him that won't happen, but I know I need to be a little firmer with her. It is hard for me since I work full time. The time I spend with her I don't want it to be spent disciplining her, but I am working on it. Reason being I also don't want to be the Mom of a spoiled brat. Yes, I said it. Any suggestions?

My baby boy has turned into a sweet little boy. He is pretty laid back. Always has been. He was the one I never had to worry about in the NICU. He didn't mind having his temperature taken or his diaper changed. He met every requirement to come home when expected. He was probably the #1 reason I got through the roller coaster ride with any sanity left. I didn't have anyone to talk to that had gone through the same situation. I didn't know whether or not my babies were acting their birth age. All I knew that Molly was doing worst than Luke. I hated that, but one thing I could count on was everyday I arrived at the NICU Luke had made some type of process. I guess now that I wrote that, Luke also is pretty strong willed. He just does it in a laid back manner.

I hate that my babies have lost all their baby fat. I know it sounds silly, but how I loved those baby rolls. Maybe that is due to them weighing 2 pounds at birth?

They are my life. Everything I do is for them. My love for them is so strong. Is it weird that I already cry at the thought of them leaving my house to go to college?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My deal of the week

I am currently working on my children's winter wardrobe. I found some steals in July at the Allen, TX outlet mall. I was pretty proud of myself. I know I have done well if my DH approves and he did. Yesterday on my lunch hour I made my 4th trip to Walmart of week and stumbled upon these P.J.'s. They were only $5.00. I got 6 pairs (3 each) for $30.00! Now that is a deal in my book.

Remember When

Look at my chubby monkeys! They were 11 months old. How the time flies!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I guess Molly got bored with the movie she was watching!

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

(Excuse Molly's dirty face, she just ate choc pudding)
Daddy thought it would be funny to put hair horns on my son.