Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser. Luke has started hoarding his crayons. We think we have all the crayons picked up after their craft time, but we are wrong. This little man has been hiding them for future use. He will come up with one out of the blue. Then we all know what happens or in Luke own words " It's a Mess". Whenever he comes running saying that phase both Todd and I know he has left a us present somewhere. At least he doesn't try to hide it. He is always the first to tell on himself. :)

Update: Todd saw this post and thought it was strange that I took the time to grab the camera for these pictures. I said come on Daddy all toddlers do it! This is just documentation that mine aren't any different! He still didn't understand. Oh well sometimes Mommy's do stuff differently then Daddy's.

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Christina said...

Ah gotta love the art on the walls! Dare I say I keep the color paint of our rental stocked up and ready to touch up!