Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good-Bye Baby Toys

This is Molly and Luke playing with their jungle gym toy at 13 months. They both learned to pull up on this toy, so it will always have special memories for me. They got it for a present on their 1st Christmas from their Nannie and Granddad. (It also doubled as a barrier between the kitchen in the living room.)
This is them today playing with the toy for one last time. :(

They actually haven't seen or played with it for about a year. It has been stored in an extra closet until this morning. I told them to say good-bye to the elephant, monkey and hippo that Mommy found a better home for it to reside. My second cousin Sandy is having a baby soon, so it will stay in the family.
Good-Bye milestone maker! You will always be in our hearts. We hope my 3rd cousin and the twins 4th cousin enjoys you as much as we did.

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