Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

1st stop was the petting area. Molly & Luke loved the horse!
Then the goats come over for some loving too!
The cow liked Luke!
Out of order, but here is the picture of us before we left.

Of course they loved the bale of hay slide.

The tire swings were a hit.

Luke was going a hundred miles an hour.
My handsome boy !

My pretty girl!

Then it happened. I tried to step over a hay bale to catch Luke and I rolled my ankle. The pain was so bad it took me the ground. Our fun was over in a blink of a eye. Mommy felt very stupid and embarrassed at the same time. The picture below was a hour after it happened so you can only see the swelling. Today it is black and blue. Not fun at all.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Precious pictures of Luke and Molly! We visited the pumpkin patch this week, too, and also had a great time.

Bless your heart with that foot, though! I hope you recover quickly! Please tell me you weren't there by yourself with the kiddos???

Emily said...

Love, Love the pics of Molly and Luke at the pumpkin patch. I want to take EC this year and hopefully the weather will stay nice to do that with her.

That is terrible about your ankle. Hopefully are feeling better today.

Christina said...

Your pumpkin patch ROCKS! Ours has not much and this year it was cancelled due to the rainy start they didnt even plant :( I want one with horses!