Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes you need a reminder of how blessed you really are. As I mentioned before Todd and I are still in touch with Molly and Luke's primary care nurse Amanda from their NICU stay. We try and touch base every so often. I sent her an email last week and asked her opinion on a few topics. I knew she would give me her honest thoughts. Anyhow, she made the statement that I should never feel like I am being too overprotective of Molly and Luke. Especially due to Molly's BPD. She told me about one of her favorite blogs she follows. It is about a little girl named Madeline that was born 11 weeks early. Maddie died earlier this year after getting sick from a common cold. If you have the time you should visit this blog. Have some tissues handy. What a beautiful family.

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AK said...

<3 Can't wait to see you guys!