Sunday, November 21, 2010

The past few weeks and next

My posts have been very few and far between lately. No excuses or reasons really. Just busy, busy and busy. Work has been CRAZY. My Nana that I blogged about a few times went home to God 2 weeks ago today. She went very peacefully in her sleep. Went down for a nap and never woke up. Bless her heart! She made it to her goal of 100. She was a wonderful woman. She will be missed by many. Rest in peace my sweet beautiful Nana! My ankle is healing nicely. I should have the walking boot off for good on Tuesday. Just in time for Thanksgiving. I never got my post done on Halloween. I had so many pictures to share of how much fun the kids had. Also a few of their cousins. For some reason my computer has decided to stop uploading pictures. Hopefully Todd can get figured out soon. Molly has really broadened her vocabulary skills! There is nothing you can say or tell her to say that she does not attempt to say or use at a later time. She is sort of what you call a "copy cat"! Luke is talking more, but still a little behind Molly in that category. He focuses more on numbers and figuring out how things work. I am sure his speaker skills will catch up to Molly's due time. I have always heard boys are a little behind girls in that category. Todd is going to meet me tomorrow at the mall tomorrow with the kids. We are going to attempt pictures with Santa for the first time. I think Molly will do it......not sure about Luke. Who knows I could be wrong on both counts. I just thought I would try before it got way too busy. This is the first year that the kids will really participate in all the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Their first time around they were still under house arrest per doctors orders due to their prematurity. Their next go around the swine flu had made it's out break and with Molly's BPD (chronic lung disease) we choose to keep them protected one last year. Hopefully this year even if she does get sick her lungs should have enough good tissue to out way the bad tissue that way she would over come the illness with no problem. They got their 1st flu shot 2 weeks ago, so we should be good to enjoy the fun. This post has turned into a lot of random thoughts. So sorry to be all over the place. If I don't get to post again before Thursday...I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We had our girls' pictures made with Santa on Friday. We did it through our photographer. They start making pictures of the girls, and then Santa tiptoes in behind them. We got great pictures of that scene. But of course when the girls realized that Santa was there, they started SCREAMING! It's a super cute picture, too...I just hope I'm not scarring them! I try to remind myself that this is part of the American growing up. Next year, though, I think they'll be old enough to tell me if they want to see Santa, and if they don't, I'll respect their wishes.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and good luck with those pictures! :)