Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun in the Sand!

I hate to even admit this, but we finally broke out the kids sand box for the first time this summer. I really wish we would have sooner after I saw how much fun Luke had. Usually when we go in the back yard to play he doesn't stand still, but as soon as he stepped foot in the sand box we couldn't get him out. Talk about having a good time. He had a ball. We defiantly will be playing in the sand box allot more.

We did not get the same reaction from Miss Prissy Pants.She wouldn't step foot in the dirty box.
She would fill her shovel.
and dump it in the lid of the sand box.She then proceeded to cough from the dust blowing off the sand.
This is what I am talking about Mom.
My daughter is going to be a Princess when she grows up. She likes her accessories. For example - Sun Glasses (shades as she calls them), necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and shoes. She will not leave the house without them. I think Todd and I are in real trouble. It may be a good thing we can't have any more children, since she is going to cost us an arm and leg.
I have my tough, strong, handsome boy and my sweet, nice, pretty girl. What else does a Mom need?


The Trousdell Five said...

Too cute! And you're right - what more could you ask for?!

Emily said...

they are too cute for words! i love to read your updates and so glad to seeing them growing up! i'm sure EC will be a little princess too...oh my!


Andrea said...

Thank you Jen & Emily, I love watching your princesses grow up too! All 3 are precious miracles! Andrea

Andrea said...

Sorry Tracey I just realized I didn't thank you for your sweet words.When i reponded to Emily I added Jen because she commented on my last post. So much for multi-tasking at work. So sorry to have left you out. I also enjoy following your handsome miracle boys! :)