Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My thoughts

You know what sucks about being infertile and developing preeclampsia after 2 rounds of IVF? Realizing your babies are growing up and you probably won't have another one. It made me cry today. Thank you God for blessing me with Molly and Luke. Please help take the bitterness away. Amen!

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Emily said...

God is so good. I just read Molly and Luke's NICU stories and they seem very similar to Emma Claire's. She was born a tad bit earlier (15 weeks early) and very small, but God has his hand of healing upon her. Definitely catch up on our story in your 'spare' time! :)

I love going back to visit our buddies in the NICU and they are just amazed by EC! I know they see these types of babies all of the time, but I truly believe EC is the exception of coming our of this with no issues and perfectly healthy. We still have to follow up with the BPD (chronic lung) clinic at Vandy Childrens, but other than that, she is perfect and healthy and we work every day to keep her that way. I definitely don't want to go back, I have had my fill of hospitals for a looonngg time and I'm sure you felt/feel the same way!

Y'alls twins are absolutely adorable and PRAISE GOD for their healing.

I'm actually from OKC...My parents and entire family are from their. My mom grew up in Buffalo and my dad in Bethany. We go to visit a couple of times a year and hopefully we can take EC late this summer before RSV season kicks in...this is all depending on what our pulmonologist thinks about this plan. I lived in Yukon until I was 7 then we moved away b/c my Dad took a job with Sonic Drive-In and they moved him to RURAL Arkansas!

I love keeping up with others and cannot wait to see what God has in store for these babies!

The Warrens
Matt, Emily and Emma Claire