Monday, August 1, 2011

I love me some blogger love!!!

I am honored to accept this super duper blog On Fire Award from Ginger at Just Another Mom of Twins. She is the mother to adorable 18 month old B/G twins! What a fun age to be at!! Ginger is a great blogger with very funny stories! One of my favorite is when blogged about some eye candy fixing her fence. Then she proved it! Loved it! Ha! If you have not started following her blog yet, you should totally check her out! You won't be disappointed! Pinky swear!

Upon accepting this award I have to list 7 things you may not know about me and pass it on to 10 other deserving blogs!

1) I sometime's use my iPhone and/or iPad as a second set of hands when I am alone with the kids. For example at the grocery store this past weekend Luke played with my phone while I shopped! It kept him happy and satisfied the entire time. Molly walked beside me, so she was my little helper stocking the cart! :):) Love that phone!!

2) I wish I had a white gold ring wedding ring! Yes, I got married way back when yellow gold was popular! Ha! Totally thinking about buying a fake one because I can't justify spending that kind of money twice. Well maybe I can't justify to hubby to buy another wedding ring! Ha! If only I could get him to understand the importance!

3) I wish I was 5 years younger because I would totally look into adopting a third child! I have always had the desire to adopt even before knew I would have issues conceiving! Maybe we will still look into it...

4) I told my husband that I wanted to go back to school to become a teacher so I would have summers off!! :):) I follow some awesome Mommy bloggers that are teachers that make me jealous during the summer months!! :):) I do know that it takes a special person to be a teacher! Not just someone that wants summers off like me, ha! I guess I better keep my accountant job! Holly you do an awesome job balancing the two!! Holly passed this award to Ginger, so since I can't pass it on to her again this is my shout out to one of my faves!!

5) I often think about what it will be like blogging about my kids when they get to school age? I guess we all be doing it within months or a few years of each other, but it seems weird to think of them that age! They will be four in 6 months!! Really?!?!

6) Our hometown that my kids would start the 4 year old program in does 5 days a week all day long. I personally think that is too much for a 4 year old. They are still babies! I am more than likely sending mine to a private preschool. Yes, it won't be free, but totally worth the tuition. I still haven't decided on a private school or not. We could send them to the same catholic school I went to. It only goes to 6th grade, but there is talk of it adding grades every year. Decisions?!?!

7) I watch Big Brother every you? My hubby thinks it is the stupidest show ever! Drives him crazy!

Now to pass this hot award on...

1) since Ginger chose me from being her very first blogger friend I am following her lead by picking my very first blogger friend MandyE at My life as described by twin trials and triumphs! MandyE is the mother to 2 1/2 year old twin girls that are the sweetest ever!! :):) If by small chance you haven't checked her blog out... do it now!! You will be very glad you did!

2) Rebecca at Unexplained X2 is one of the funniest most honest bloggers I follow! I seriously do not miss a post from this woman!! She puts the A in awesome!! She is the mother to adorable B/G twins!! Go check her out now!! :):)She will make you laugh and maybe pee your pants a little!

3) Johanna at The Baker Twins. If nothing else the name of the blog should make you make to check her out! She and I were on the same train of thought when we named our blogs. Straight to the point! :):)She is the mother to beautiful twin girls!! They are too sweet for words! She takes wonderful pictures to share in her posts! Love her blog!

4) Erica at Our Life Unrehearsed. She is the mother to a very pretty little girl names Kai! Sweet as pie! Love her posts about life. Totally check her out!!

5)Cathy at Life as Described. She is the mother to B/G twins. They are precious!! This girl is a mom full of knowledge that she is sharing with blogland! She could totally write a book! This is not her first blog either. She has a blog for each chapter of her becoming mommy adventure. Great blogger!!

6) Olusola at My Twintopia. This woman is great! She makes me laugh and teaches me in the same sentence! Love her! She is the mother to sweet baby girl twins! Every now and then we get a small glimpse of their beauty. This is a blog you totally recommend to new twin moms!! Full of GREAT first hand knowledge!!

7) Brittany at From two to four. She is the mother to 15 month old G/B twins! Super sweet! Her posts are full of family fun and love!!

8)Melissa at Mame Musing. She is the mother to uber cute G/B twins!! Super sweet...totally see my two in her two. Fun times!! Love reading her almost daily posts! They are real, happy, fun and so much more. You have to check her out!!

9)Reanbean on matters of motherhood. She is the mother to G/B twins the same age as mine. Love this lady too!! She leaves the BEST comments and questions!! Her twins are super sweet too! She writes with her heart and it shows.

10) Beth at Beth, Will, Rod and the quads. She is the mother to a cute little boy and GGGB quads! This woman is super mommy! She is the one and only quad blog I follow! I swear she is has super powers. I read her post and she makes it sound like having quads is a price of cake! They are all very well behaved and adorable! If you ever think your mommy job is tough just click on this blog to make you realize maybe just maybe it is a walk in the park! Ha! Beth you are wonderful!!

I am sure there are others that totally should be in this top 10, but I was trying not to repeat other bloggers picks.

Thanks again Ginger for this gift! It means a lot to me! Have a great week!


Jamie said...

I love Big Brother too!

Jamie said...
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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Thanks so much, Andrea! Lots of love back atcha!!! :) :)

Johanna said...

Thanks. I love you too. :)

And, I think you can take your gold ring to a jeweler and have it dipped in rubidium (probably not spelled right) to turn it white gold. Eventually, it would wear off and be yellow gold again, but I think that takes years. Much cheaper than replacing a ring. It doesn't hurt the ring, lessen the gold, etc.

And, incidentally, we have all the same blog circle friends... I love the same ones you do, so if you can't give this award to the same people, I sadly, have no one to give it to. Haha!

Holly Ann said...

You totally just made my day! Thanks for that most thoughtful "shout out!"

So I have to ask, when is your twins' birthday?? Our twins must be awfully close in age! Mine turn 4 on Dec. 31st.

Olusola said...

Thanks girl. I love bloggy awards; they make my day.

championm2000 said...

Oh, THANK YOU! Here's my acceptance post--you know you totally made my day!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Thank you...going to check out all of those other blogs and then get mine ready (although it might not happen til next week because I'll probably spend all day cleaning up after Captain Shitshispants and Princess Peesalot). Love ya!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Thanks for the kind words and I giggled AGAIN when I re-read that post of mine...LMAO!!

I be luvin' ya girfriend for long time! :)

Janie said...

I am aunt to a pair of B/G twins. They turned 4 March this year :)

OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

Love it'! Thanks Andrea!

reanbean said...

Thanks so much for sharing the love. You know I love you right back!

So, so glad I've got a connection with someone with B/G twins the same age. You always know just what I'm going through.

I'll have to check out some of these other ones on your list. You know, once I get through the 80+ unread posts in my reader. Maybe this fall I'll have time for some new reads. A girl can dream, right?

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

New follower to your blog from (two to four) .Would love a follow back at