Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Amanda and Bryan

Thank you Auntie Amanda for inviting us over for fun and pizza! We love you! :)
Thank you Uncle Bryan for capturing some more memories for Mom! We love you! :)
Too Sweet!!!!!
Too cute! I know these 2 cuddled many nights in the NICU.

This might not be the best picture of Molly and Luke, but I thought it was a great picture of Amanda and Bryan! :)

Here are the 2 people I have bragged on several times on this blog. Amanda for being the BEST NICU nurse possible. Bryan for capturing all of my kids biggest memories. You guys are the best and hold a very special place in our hearts!

Thank you so much for having us over tonight. We had so much fun. I hope my kids didn't destroy to much in your house. We can't wait until the next time!

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AK said...

Okay so now that I know u guys live Mexican food now we HAVE to go to out fav Mexican restaurant in Norman!!! Thank you so much for bringing the kids over!!! We had a blast with u guys! You all mean the world to us too!!! Love you all!!!